The magazine industry

The magazine industry is a multi-billion dollar business. However, the days of paper are numbered as the digital readers take precedence and top magazines have crossed over to digital magazines. Yet, whether young or old, rich or poor, man or woman, eastern or western... all love, all read magazines. This miraculous media has survived three and a half centuries

The Ink

We believe in the magazines and believe the digital magazine will be the future of corporate news and how companies spread their message into the future. On The Brink have brought together a group of young copywriters, editors and graphic designers and called them “The Ink Team”. On The Brink Ink makes it possible for companies to successfully tell their stories through the format of a magazine.

We’re Inspired by You

On The Brink believes that no other media can delivery your stories more passionately than using your company magazine. Our Team is more than a group of individuals bound together by common interests; we are a family united by a passion to tell your message. On The Brink Ink listens, research and writes your story, seeing that your magazine reaches the widest audience possible.

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