Patria Kaye – A True Jamaican Success Story Featured


Everyone has a dream, faded or still going strong. The probability of them attaining that dream is whether they are willing to work towards it or not. You have seen her on CVM at sunrise, watched her read the weather and might have read some of her articles in the newspaper. We are talking about none other than Ms. Patria-Kaye Aarons. This will not be about her life as a reporter or a writer, but will be about how one question led her to where she is today. Not only is she a reporter and writer, but also the CEO of Sweetie Confectionery.

It was wonderful speaking with the woman behind Sweetie Confectionery, her words have resonated more than can be described. Over an hour-long chat, there was never a dull moment but heartfelt laughter ringing through her warm personality.

The On the Brink team reminisced with Aarons as she took us back to her roots, High Gate St. Mary. Though not for long, Aarons mother quickly picked up on the opportunities for her daughter with a move to Kingston. As lover of the theatre arts, the Mona Heights Primary school past student was enrolled in drama and dance productions.

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