OTB-Marketer: From KC to Pepsi: Skyers’ Tells All

Trade Marketing Manager at Pepsi, Ricardo Skyers is quite a character. After sitting down with him to get his take on being successful in such a competitive landscape, he holds nothing back. From his alma mater plugs to his appreciation for his colleagues, Skyers takes on the OTB questions and shares his best advice.

 How do you ensure your brand is a trendsetter?
Passion is key; having a passion for what you do is your number one driver. (At Pepsi) we’re a small marketing team, we speak and work together on the best practices and are busy learning from other markets. This combination has proved to be the right formula to prevailing.

What is most challenging about your job?
[Laughs] The job itself is a challenge; you have to be quick on your feet and thinking ahead. Always in planning meetings, every week and always learning from our programs, it’s all-apart of the job.

Three words to describe how you do it all?
Passion, focus and drive.

How do you tackle obstacles in your capacity? Give us an example.
Well, being a graduate of the great Kingston College, the ‘brave may fall but never yield’. When it comes to taking on challenges, take it with a positive mind. [Laughs] really though, the spirit [at Pepsi] is very energized, you will never come here and see someone looking down. Also it’s really an open door policy and an open environment for all.

List your life’s top 5 priorities

  1. Religious beliefs – Christ is the center of my life
  2. Daughter
  3. Family
  4. Job
  5. Gadgets

Describe some of your daily pressures.
Time management. I have a weekly agenda to manage, Monday mornings there are two meetings to review the objectives and plans, on Wednesday meetings with merchandiser teams and Fridays are for meetings with distributors. In between there are follow up, meeting with suppliers and executioners. I will admit though: Time management, I am not perfect [at it] but I am getting better at controlling everything I have.

What is the biggest campaign you’ve worked on?
Definitely the Refresh Tour. What we brought to the people is what they love which is music with a Pepsi experience. We had three events, two in Kingston and the final at Sumfest performing on the international night. Through this project and many others, Pepsi truly has been bringing the experience to its consumers.

What time do you get in and out the office?
In at 7am & out at 7pm.

Tell us one thing you CANNOT live without.
Well I would say the support of my family and closest friends but [laughs] it’s my gadgets I can’t be without my gadgets, I love my gadgets.

Who’s your inspiration?
I have a strong mother, she’s a cancer survivor and just seeing how she goes through life is truly my inspiration.

How do you relax?
I watch smart tech on YouTube and movies. I like to read novels, marketing articles and just overall keep abreast of the news.

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