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Within our own department, few times do we have control of who sits next to us or who is hired to work in that department. Often times we are not so blessed with a passive aggressive personality with whom we must work closely alongside. This can be a tricky spot to find yourself in. here are 8 things to remember when dealing with that passive aggressive person next to you:

  1. Understand & Find Peace
    Understand that you cannot change a passive-aggressive person. Their behavioural patterns are often deeply rooted and a way of coping with stress, anxieties and insecurities.
  2. Document the Issues Over Time
    It will most times become a wake up call to the passive aggressive person, who easily can be in denial all of their lives, when you point of a few moments where there behavior was way off and difficult to deal with. Quietly documenting a few of these moments so that they can see their attitudes and reactions to situations will help all involved.
  3. Control Yourself
    When dealing with the passive aggressive, its easy to lose control of your own emotions, especially when you’re used to expressing yourself and not harboring any feelings. While this is a difficult ask, the situation might exacerbate if you are not in control of your own feelings.
  4. Face the Moment that’s In the Moment
    Forget what transpired the day before or even last week. To deal with a passive aggressive person over long periods you may be required to have short-term memory. Don’t let the behavior from yesterday affect how you are handling the behaviour that’s facing you today. It will only end badly. Let it go.
  5. Feedback, Feedback, Feedback!
    The passive aggressive persons tend to become more passive aggressive as the work piles up. Create an environment that encourages all to share their thoughts, views and opinions on the projects at hand. Now, listen carefully to everything, especially the subliminal messages. Those say the most.
  6. Spread your Thoughtfulness
    As with most humans, people like to feel appreciated. And while we may never know the extent of those deep-rooted emotions hidden away by the passive aggressive, feeling appreciated is on that list.
  7. Never Mirror their Behaviour
    The last thing for an amateur passive aggressive person to do in this situation is try to mirror those negative traits. As we are dealing with professional PA’s, they may just one up their game and there’s no coming back from that.
  8. Personal Development
    This one goes for all the leaders of the organization when you find yourself with a group of passive aggressive employees, who outside of their attitudes are quite valuable to your organization. Set up a personal development seminar for a professional to come in and talk with the staff. This will get some issues out in the open without having to face it directly.
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