15 Apps to Enhance your Productivity

Whatever you do in whichever career the most important attribute to any company is productivity. Although productivity can be measured in many different ways, the best way to be most productive would be to refine ones tools to make get more done in as less time as possible. While the world changes, its hard pressed to not find a app for any career known today.
I am giving you 15 of my favourite apps that are guaranteed to boost your productivity, efficiency which should lead to your success:

1. Asana
While there are tons of different project-management apps out there,Asana is by far one of my favorites. Once set up, this app helps you reduce internal email, delegate tasks and check the status of your projects from one central dashboard.

2. Pages Manager
This is a favourite of mine and especially if your are the field of Marketing and Social Media Management. This app allows you monitor and post to several Facebook accounts with the click of a button.
If you need to send payments quickly and securely, this is your app. With no forms to fill out and no fees for payment, Venmo is a great alternative to solutions such as Paypal.

3. Andro Money
Track your personal budget anytime by logging your daily expense and watch how much you spend monthly. Whether you are earning millions monthly or thousands daily, this app allows you to track every dollar while your reports detail the areas your spending your money. The best thing about this app its free.

4. Focus@Will
Distraction is a huge challenge facing most business owners, but it’s one that can be avoided. If you like to listen to music while you work, check out Focus@Will, an app that provides special playlists designed to improve focus and bolster creativity.

5. UberConference
Conference calls on the go can be hit and miss, but not withUberConference. This app lets you to see participants’ LinkedIn profiles and record your meetings so you don’t lose an important point.

6. Evernote
One of the most versatile note-taking and storage apps available,Evernote is accessible from any device. The cloud-based app allows you to store, edit and tag documents for effortless organization.

7. Producteev
Delegation is an important part of business success, whether your team is large or small. Producteev, a powerful task management program, allows you to easily assign tasks to other team members, as well as hold them accountable.

8. Gleaner
Staying up to date on news and industry changes is easy with Gleaner App. This app keeps you up to date in what’s happening in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

9. Contactually
Keeping in touch with members of your network is important, andContactually makes it easy. Allowing you to segment your contacts and assign follow-up cycles to each category, this app makes sure you never lose touch with your team or your prospects.

10. Refresh
Ever shown up to a meeting, only to be embarrassed by your lack of knowledge about the person you’re connecting with? With Refresh -- which syncs with Facebook, LinkedIn and other services -- you’ll have all the information about the person you’re meeting and your past interactions at your fingertips.

11. Invoice2Go
Never forget to invoice a customer again! This app enables you to send professional-looking invoices quickly, no matter where you are, ending overlooked billing and forgotten amounts due.

12. Skitch
Skitch makes it effortless to add markup or annotations to existing content. If your job involves providing frequent feedback, this app makes it easy to give and simple to understand!

13. EchoSign
Never find yourself scrambling for a scanner again! EchoSign lets you to sign vital business documents electronically and records your document history, making future document audits painless.

14. Hootsuite
Save time on your social media marketing efforts by managing all of your social profiles in a single app with Hootsuite. It’s an easy way to take the pain out of maintaining and updating multiple accounts.

15. Box
Box is a cloud storage system that helps you track your projects in real-time -- an essential feature if you work with a remote team. Even better, the program’s responsive design allows Box to be effective no matter what device you use.

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