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And rightfully so with a multitude of “hot” social networking sites, YouTube is often not recognized as a social medium and merely as a website. But YouTube is far more than that! As an app that is constantly used and featured on countless smartphones, and considering the many reasons one turns to YouTube it’s a no brainer on the number of careers boosted by this global video-sharing site. From musicians like Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Tori Kelly and Carly Rae Jepson to models such as Kate Upton and even athletes such as Alex Tanney and Havard Rugland, YouTube has been a starting point for countless success. In the name of recognition, fame or fortune a YouTube Channel has been a strong avenue as proven by Jamaica’s very own Dutty Berry

The vlogging sensation that is Dutty Berry has achieved remarkable success to the point where he is almost always recognized in the streets. Vlogging some seven years now, Berry started out in a polar opposite direction, enrolling in the University of the West Indies and pursuing the Sciences. Not long after in the environment it was clear this way not the destiny in store for him. Though he felt deep within he was creative, up to this point he had no proof; spending all his precious younger years watching cartoons.

A stroke of fate found him highly intoxicated and posting a video from a party prophesizing the Dutty Berry Show. With the positive feedback towards the vid he started posting short videos to a newly created Facebook group. Down the line and upon nishing UWI he faced the decision of falling in line with a 9-to-5 job or running with an untested and unpredictable career via social media.

2013 was a decisive year for Berry and he walked away on top and on the brink of success. Following his review of Samantha J’s Tight Up Skirt that received 50,000 views, his 2013 had a progression of massive exposure for his developing brand. Speaking on politics, dancehall and particularly his coverage of Tessanne Chin’s participation in the singing TV competition ‘The Voice’, Berry’s hilarious spin has earned him thousands of loyal followers. September of that year was the competition The Voice where he accredits the Tessanne Videos as his “buss” with video on the songstress hitting over 240,000 views on average. With over 80,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, Berry’s strategy is sticking to relevant stories. His weekly reviews are more of news highlights, a style that appeals to many because it is current, short and hilarious.

A true mark of his acclamation has been his ability to post 10-minute videos that hold onlookers right through to the end. Speaking on timeliness and interesting content, Berry has created his own formula for success. Up to the challenge, for newsworthy content he is current and up to date in tackling relevant issues that his followers tune in for and trust.

He has primarily pushed his content on Facebook and YouTube unlike many others, who have gravitated towards Instagram and SnapChat. Asked why, he stated “that is my audience and YouTube pays me [chuckles].


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