Everyone has a dream, faded or still going strong. The probability of them attaining that dream is whether they are willing to work towards it or not. You have seen her on CVM at sunrise, watched her read the weather and might have read some of her articles in the newspaper. We are talking about none other than Ms. Patria-Kaye Aarons. This will not be about her life as a reporter or a writer, but will be about how one question led her to where she is today. Not only is she a reporter and writer, but also the CEO of Sweetie Confectionery.

Within our own department, few times do we have control of who sits next to us or who is hired to work in that department. Often times we are not so blessed with a passive aggressive personality with whom we must work closely alongside. This can be a tricky spot to find yourself in. here are 8 things to remember when dealing with that passive aggressive person next to you:

Trade Marketing Manager at Pepsi, Ricardo Skyers is quite a character. After sitting down with him to get his take on being successful in such a competitive landscape, he holds nothing back. From his alma mater plugs to his appreciation for his colleagues, Skyers takes on the OTB questions and shares his best advice.

If only it were so simple to take care of our cars: ready, steady and go. True car fanatics are easy to spot, they tend to love their old school cars, or have a special name for their car, look for ways to modify the performance, take care of their cars like no other and you can NEVER EVER bring food inside the car. All the above are needed to have true bragging rights over your car.

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