One thing I know for sure, is that the sooner a business owner begins to think like a CEO (Chief Entrepreneurial Officer), the faster their business will grow. Below are five ways you can start behaving like a CEO today!

  1. Elevator Pitch (n.) A quick way to communicate your expertise in a compelling and concise manner. The goal being to pique someone’s interest in an unexpected setting while leaving a lasting impression.
  2. Culture Fit (n./v.) To possess the skillset that falls in line with the current or hiring company. This may involve faking it to making it.
  3. Career Branding (v.) I.e. Commitment to the cause. This involves marketing yourself in a professional environment, painting a picture of your career accomplishments and skills to convey aptitude and expertise.
  4. Side Hustle (n.) The Side Hustle AKA the sometimes under the quiet hustle. Commonly an avenue to earn some extra dollars on the side, which entails taking on a second or third job in your spare time. The side hustle gives us all the opportunity to explore other talents without quitting our day jobs.
  5. Recareering (v.) Recareering or Career 360, whichever you prefer. To change one’s career, often very late in life. This isn’t and average job change, but a move to an entirely different career path with the goal of following one’s passion, increasing money or influence in life.

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