Ready, Steady, Go! Featured

If only it were so simple to take care of our cars: ready, steady and go. True car fanatics are easy to spot, they tend to love their old school cars, or have a special name for their car, look for ways to modify the performance, take care of their cars like no other and you can NEVER EVER bring food inside the car. All the above are needed to have true bragging rights over your car.

For car lovers, SOL has some great news. They recently introduced the Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology. Though quite a mouthful to say, this fully synthetic Helix Ultra range of premium lubricants will provide key benefits that meet the needs of modern engines.

First off the lubricant is the first motor oil designed from natural gas. But to what advantage is this really? To break it down it’s a revolution, 40 years in the making as they say. The Shell patented PurePlus Technology is an innovation that delivers a crystal-clear base oil with virtually no impurities. Essentially Shell Helix Ultra is a high performance lubricant technology.

Next up, in three words: Superior Engine Cleanliness. Not following? Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology contains special active cleansing additives that work to help protect high-performance engines from deposits that hinder power and performance. Still not following? It’s really really good for your engine, that’s the message summed up. Its been designed to give you the ultimate active cleansing power.
While we’ve always trusted the Shell brand, some of us still need to know just how do they do it, right? And to answer that question….you must travel to Qatar where you will need 500 million man-hours to design and build the plant. Not to worry though its only 900 trillion cubic feet of natural gas you will need which will flow to the Shell processing facilities by two pipelines. Following that its fairly simple but only if you get it right. You will need to heat the Methane Gas with Oxygen at around 2650°F to turn it into SYNGAS. You know SYNGAS…..a fuel gas mixture consisting primarily of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and very often some carbon dioxide. Now back to the process, the SYNGAS which you’re now familiar with is then turned into long waxy Hydrocarbon liquid that undergoes further processing and there the liquid is distilled into 5 different gas-to-liquid products.

Onto the final stage now, Shell’s innovative active cleansing additive is added at their blending sites around the world and that’s how they make the oil that’s best for your engine.
And if all this isn’t enough for you to cross over to the SOL side, know this…. it’s tried, tested and recommended by the best…you know the best, a.k.a. Ferrari.