The Marsha Julian Story: From Negril to New York Fashion Week Featured

The Marsha Julian story is as great an inspiration and measure of determination as you will hear in a while.

Growing up in Negril, Julian soon became frustrated after completing high school and seeing no employment opportunities coming her way. She reflects on this time as her ‘skinny period’ and after seeing one Pulse advertisement after the next she starting whispering into her mind she had what it took to be a Pulse model. Amidst much negative feedback once sharing her dreams of becoming a model with those around her, she gave it a try. Travelling to Kingston for the first time, she walked into the Pulse walls prepared for auditions. She recalls being immediately connected with former supermodel Romae Gordon and Pulse tycoon Kingsley Cooper who took a special liking towards her.

It was this entrance into the modeling industry that cemented beauty, modeling and fashion’s place in her soul. ‘A love affair that started in her younger years, she felt the trio always sat well with her.

This love affair sparked by Pulse created a longstanding special bond seen recently at Caribbean Fashion Week 2015. Citing Pulse as the first meaningful place to actually see and believe in Julian’s potential, her beauty line Marsha Julian Cosmetics (MJC) was a sponsor of the highly anticipated fashion week. Previously Julian has worked on events with BET, models at Miami Fashion Week, Material World and New York Fashion Week.

Given her background with Pulse we could clearly see this venture held a special place in her heart summing up her participation as  due to  “ the amazing support from Kingsley over the years, my love for beauty, fashion, modeling and the opportunity for exposure”.

The now very much grown up Marsha Julian reflects on being a role model to other females involved in Fashion Week and providing much needed support.

So after all these years we had to ask what advice would a successful model turn cosmetic entrepreneur give to the younger generation, fresh out of high school with no job prospects. Julian simply says “Ladies, sometimes it is difficult to spot the light at the end of the tunnel, its ok, life is a challenge and you should never give up. You must put in a lot of work to earn the best result, nothing is impossible with strong determination”. Though education never hurts as Julian rightfully mentions modeling doesn’t last long for everyone but with education, no one can take that away from you. Its no surprise that some of Julian’s proudest moments involved getting her first degree, then her bachelors.

On an even brighter note, Julian speaks now from a place of reflection on her journey saying “now it is such a great feeling to just sit back and reminisce on where I was and where am at currently…Life is great and I am loving it!”